rev-ewe 9: Sione's Wedding

Sione's Wedding (US title: Samoan Wedding)
New Zealand
Chris Graham

My friends from New Zealand probably will not agree with this review, but I actually loved this movie. Yes, it is typical boy humor -- but it was the right kind of boy humor that I could appreciate. While I did not spend much time with Samoans or Pacific Islanders, I can imagine this was a fairly accurate depiction. There was absolutely nothing to be taken seriously in the film and it was neither original nor thought-provoking, but for a light film it was more than just entertaining. If you are interested in watching something about New Zealand (and since Boy is still unavailable in the US) and/or Samoan culture, I'd suggest watching this movie. I found that a decent amount of people in NZ were not too fond of this film, but I think enough people liked it... and I like it.

Four friends -- Albert, Stanley, Sefa and Michael, are extremely immature adults who still love to party.. a bit too much. When one of their younger brother's is about to be married, the four are banned because of the amount of weddings they have already ruined from being too drunk. In order to attend, they must each bring a date to keep them in line, and the movie follows their attempts at wooing women.

Predictable, silly, but still totally worth watching. Not to mention 'Albert' totally looks like my grandfather did. And 'Michael' is played by the same actor as 'Maxwell' from Shortland Street! (a NZ tv show that is absolutely horrible, but I LOVE it.) It was hard getting used to seeing him be serious Maxwell after watching Sione's Wedding, but hey sometimes you just got to let things go.

Rating? 4 bottles of beer! Try and figure that one out..

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