rev-ewe 1: Be With Me

"Be With Me"
Directed by Eric Khoo

Simply amazingly beautiful. It follows 3 seemingly separate stories which come together in the end, all regarding love.
While the story I particularly loved was the one following an elderly man who runs a grocery shop but keeps himself distanced from his customers and his jobs, and seems to be going through the motions. When he reads a story his son is translating about a blind and deaf woman, he finds happiness in life again. This so moved me as I am personally going through some tough times, but the way it was done and filmed was absolutely perfect. I think I read something that the whole movie has about 2 minutes of dialogue.
I think this may make the film seem a bit slow or hard to follow, but it made it even more interesting for me to watch. Sometimes I think it's easy to get too caught up in dialogue or words, and forget what the film is actually trying to say. This movie says everything without any words.

cinematography is great, story line is simple but lovely, and great great emotional pay-off in the end.
I cried for a while after the film ended. I still cry thinking about it. Just wonderful.
I give it 900 stars. out of 10.

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