rev-ewe 4: The Secret of Kells

The Secret of Kells
Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey

Rarely do I forego story for aesthetics, but this film's visual appeal well overpowers its lack of any sort of interesting story. It is such a fantastic animation style, beautiful backgrounds, and a comfortable throw-back to traditional animation. I tire so easily of 3-d animated films because they let their 'fantastic' graphics wow you without giving you any support from the story or characters. Even though this film sortof does that.. it does it better. the end.
The story follows a 12-year old named Brendan who is the nephew of the abbot of Kells. He helps his uncle whenever he can, but loves to be in the scriptorium helping the Brothers with whatever work they have. One day, a famous illuminator, named Brother Aidan, comes bearing news that Vikings have reached Iota (an island where the awesome Book of Iota was being written) and that the town must flee. The abbot has none of it and continues to build his wall around the town. Brendan, however, helps Aidan with learning how to be an illuminator and finishing the book.
Sortof hard to explain, and not even that interesting. But, the visuals are soooo magnificent it is exciting to watch. I strongly suggest this film to anyone and everyone because it is just that awesome.
Rated: 7 out of 10
Would be an 8, but the story isn't good enough for that... but the fact that I can still give it a 7 with no actual story must mean it's awesome! Watch it!

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