rev-ewe 24: Bagdad Cafe

Bagdad Cafe
Percy Adlon

Okay, first of all.. don't let the image fool you. I chose this screen cap because it's hilarious, but completely unrelated to the film. Second of all, while the film is German, it takes place in California and is entirely in English. However, because it is foreign, the direction of it is veeeery unique. I used to watch this movie all the time on that weird cable movie channel I used to have, but hadn't seen it in a good decade or so. To find it on Netflix instant (go watch it!) was so exciting, and I knew I had to blog it once I'd seen it again.

This movie is cute, fun, weird, funny, exaggerated, quirky, etc. No particular plot, but again a development of characters and character relationships. It has a great pay-off in the end and I'm pretty sure almost anyone can enjoy it. Its humor is not particularly focused, but I would imagine the direction of it can be a bit off-putting at first.

Basically, this German couple are travelling through CA, but have an argument and the woman walks off (in the middle of the desert) while her husband drives off. She comes across a lone cafe/motel and checks in. After realizing she might be there for a while, she settles in and gets involved in the little group of people that share the residence at the Bagdad Cafe.

Again, the plot sounds mundane because the movie is totally not about the plot. It's the beautiful relationships and humor and direction! Each and every character is interesting and unique, and you pretty much know who they are straight away. Not to mention one of the beeest closing lines ever! so perfect.

Love it! Great, great movie.