rev-ewe 25: Temporada de Patos

Temporada de Patos (Duck Season)
Fernando Eimbcke

Well, I have to say at first I really thought it was SUPER slow and not interesting. But, I didn't turn it off. Characters started to come in, and I didn't like any of them, but still I couldn't turn it off. Before I knew it, I was totally into it and loving where it was going (if it was indeed going anywhere). It takes a lot of cliches I felt uncomfortable about and turned it around so that it made it totally cool with me.
Filmed in black and white and set pretty much entirely in a single apartment, the viewer dives into the lives of four seemingly unrelated characters. 2 best friends, Moko and Flama, have a day to themselves, but eventually end up spending the day with their female neighbor and a mid-life-crisis pizza delivery guy.
The direction is very interesting, I liked the overt metaphors and I particularly liked how non-American the ending is. It touches on topics of homosexuality, life direction, family life, and typical friendships. Nothing and everything happens in the film, and I guess overall I really liked it. Though I think back on it and sometimes think the characters were too annoying, I think it works in the end. 7 stars! (I still don't know what scale I rate these movies on..)