rev-ewe 23: To Be or Not To Be

To Be or Not To Be
Ernst Lubitsch

this is one clever motha-ucka. Riddled with extended jokes, witty lines, and great acting, this movie takes a bold punch at Nazism. Released in 1942, still 3 years before the end of the war, the story makes many statements about Nazis, but not in a typical 'Daffy Duck Under Nazism' kinda way. The humor is so good, it's goofy and smart and well-written all at once. Probably my favorite line is when the main character (a stage actor) frets to his (actress) wife that someone walked out during his soliloquy, she says to him..
Maria Tura: Maybe he didn't feel well. Maybe he had to leave. Maybe he had a sudden heart attack.
Josef Tura: I hope so.
Maria Tura: If he stayed he might have died.
Josef Tura: Maybe he's dead already! Oh, darling, you're so comforting.

Love it! The story's pretty basic, but I don't want to give too much of it away because it's really quite fun to watch without knowing what's going to happen. Takes place in Poland, WW2 erupts, anddddd you'll have to watch it! Reeeeally fun, it's on netflix. If you're keen for a mostly-lightweight comedy, watch it for sure.