rev-ewe 8: The Birdcage

La Cage Aux Folles (The Birdcage)
Edouard Molinaro

Another film well ahead of its time. This film is pure humor. Outrageous characters, exaggerated plot, fantastic movie. It's rare to come across movies that have such developed and interesting characters, my favorite being Albin, a drag queen diva, who shrieks whenever something even mildly surprises him. This film was adapted to an American version called 'the Birdcage' starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, but I have not seen it and probably won't because I'm sure it does not compare to this masterpiece.

The story is simple, a man (Renato) runs a club where his partner (Albin) is the star performer. Renato has a son, Laurent, who has just told them he is to be married -- to a girl from a very conservative family. When the two families are meant to meet, Renato chooses to act straight in order to help his son get approval from his fiance's family... but what actually happens is much more interesting.

I definitely have trends in the types of movies I like... gay foreign comedies seem to be my schtick. But, I'm sure once I continue to review films, there will be a wider variety.. hopefully.

5 thumbs up for this film!

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