rev-ewe 6: The Man of my Life

L'homme de sa vie (The Man of My Life)
Zabou Breitman

It seems I only watch foreign films... and though I haven't seen this film in a while, I remember loving it very much. What is particularly amazing about this film is the editing. The scenes are not sequential and go back and forth, but this works so well that it keeps you wondering 'but wait! what happened before this scene to make them yell like that?!' The scenes are beautifully shot, and there is one scene in particular that blew my mind.. I won't go into too much detail about the subject matter, but that one of the character's rooms has words on the wall that are missing a letter, and the scene shows the sun setting with a shadow of letters (cast from the window) moving down across the wall, filling in the missing letters into the various words (pictured above). Beautiful!!

A French family goes to the countryside for holiday and soon meet their neighbor, an openly gay man named Hugo. The father, Frederic, and Hugo develop a strong friendship that makes Frederic question his life. He loves his wife and children, but this new man has opened his eyes to something more.

I won't really give it a rating because I should watch it again.... but IT'S REALLY GOOD!

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