rev-ewe 2: Heavenly Creatures

Heavenly Creatures
New Zealand
Peter Jackson

Now for a film I did not like... Heavenly Creatures was strangely put together and felt more than a bit sloppy, for me. I will not say this is a film no one will like because, obviously, it did fairly well and made a star of Kate Winslet. The acting seemed strangely exaggerated, and for what purpose? While the story itself could have been interesting, the direction was so distracting and upsetting that I just did not like it. I understand the story is upsetting, but that in and of itself should be the upsetting point, and if anything I would have understated the acting/scenes to truly show how dramatic a situation it was. This story was based on true events, strangely enough. I will say that the effects used in the fantasy scenes were wonderful for the time in which the film was made, but as I have mentioned before, effects mostly will not win me over.

Heavenly creatures was about two girls who meet and become inseparable to the point where the two families feel it is unhealthy. The girls cannot handle the idea of being apart and decide that murder is the only solution.

It did not help that the girls outrageously claimed that Orson Welles was the most hideous person alive. I would never, EVER support a film that makes claims like that. Orson Welles is absolutely gorgeous!!

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