rev-ewe 19: XXY

Argentina [set in Uruguay]
Lucia Puenzo

Hmmm. Not impressed. I love me some taboo social topic films, but this one didn't do anything for me at the end.
It's basically about this character Alex who is a teenage hermaphrodite -- both male and female bits. Alex has been raised a girl her whole life, but is starting to question which gender (if any) she prefers.
That's about it. There is no resolution, no character arc, nothing. It is simply a series of events that happen to Alex and her family and then it's done. There are plenty of films that do this, but leave you feeling like something happened and that you got something from it... but I didn't get anything from this. Again, credit goes that I actually finished it and the movie kept me interested JUST enough to finish it. But, I wouldn't really recommend watching it. It just seemed to be sad for no reason and all the characters were all sorts of shady, unhappy people. No gratification in the end at all.

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