rev-ewe 26: All About Eve

"All About Eve"
Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Like pretty much all of these classic films, so much about it was absolutely on-point. Acting by Bette Davis was beyond anyone I've really seen in today's films (Meryl Streep aside), and while the film was slow at a few points in the movie, it was chock full of great plot, great writing and great cinematography! They really don't make movies like this anymore.

About this on-top-of-the-world actress (Davis) who suddenly comes upon a lowly star-struck fan who idolizes her. She takes her under her wing, only to realize that slowly things are starting to fall apart around her and it might have something to do with this girl.

I really appreciated almost every aspect of this film, from the small insights into the times (like married couples sleeping in separate beds.. lolz I can never get over that) to the great character developments. Totally worth watching for a good, classic movie. Not an OMG storyline, but still fantastic!

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